The Attic Man

Oct 2, 2018

Fair name for me this week. I’ve been busy getting my office / studio / podcast chamber ready and it’s a lot of unexpected work. Add fall arriving here in New York and I’m now doing what any dad of daughters is likely doing.

Switching wardrobes.

Never thought I’d say that but we have bins in the attic for both wife and child (mind you it’s 1/4 of the attics available storage space!) and twice a year I bring down cold seasons while packing away the warm ones. Luckily I’m not the one packing the bins. Either way I’m spending an inordinate amount of time up in the attic this week.

In the middle of clearing out my personal space right now too. I’m not a hoarder, but I keep stuff around longer than it should. Could probably become a hoarder in the right set of circumstances but I think being aware of that keeps me somewhat focused in the need to purge now and then. Right now is one of those times. Even if to just box up and store something it’s better than having a million distractions present.

My once trusty iMac that has been sitting in the office with a dead hard drive since summer is fixed and back up and running, ready to record the podcast. I’m about to paint the walls, add some sound proofing, and generally make this space better for a quality recording.

When will Steve start getting some episodes out, that is the big question. I’m writing my ass off lately so it is coming soon. Currently I am hoping for November launch thinking that will give me enough time. I don’t want to start and get caught up in being behind. As a one man show right now the burden of doing the work all lies on my shoulders.

A lot of hot takes on life, stories of the crazy shit I’ve been witness to in life, and general fun is coming. Add in commentary on the world around us and we’re ready to get UNHINGED. If you are expecting political correctness…. RUN!

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