Nov 6, 2018

It’s been a wild two weeks. I’ve been sick as a dog which hasn’t helped much at all. It started off with the worst possible thing that can happen to me in life.

I lost my voice.

Allergies where I have lived the past 3 years have been very hard on me during the fall season, this year no exception. Losing my voice pretty much makes everything a bigger pain in the ass. This site and podcast died on the table for the week and a half. I’m finally feeling better now and by end of this week will hopefully record the next two shows.

Halloween happened and we had an amazing time. We’re lucky to have made so many new friends over the past year and a half of the kid being in school. She has a wonderful group of little monsters to spend time with and positively influence her life, just as she loves to influence theirs. Thankfully the adults are just as good of a group as the kids. It makes for great times when it can basically be any group of the kids and everyone is glad to be around each other. No politics, no religion, no bullshit. Just people enjoying their families. the was it’s meant to be.

Flying off that high time of course life comes crashing back to reality like a brick in a bubble bath. Last week the kid scratched her cornea from the strangest of possibilities. Grabbing a book off the shelf. It came back too fast and nicked her on the eye. It was a looooong night, understandably so. A trip to the eye doc the next morning and she was all better, now taking eye drops for the week. Luckily no damage of concern and she should already be healed up and moving forward, we’re basically being extra cautious.

I’m ok with that, better safe than sorry. You only get one pair of eyes or in our cats cases sometimes just 1 eye 🙂

New episode of the podcast coming soon, be on the lookout. Also applying to iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, etc. so it will be easy to consume. I’ve also moved it to a new service that is better suited for my needs and has a better embedded player.

Back soon!

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