Sep 26, 2018

That’s a thing now isn’t it? Every time someone is online and gets pissed off at another person they just shout to the heavens, “You’re a fucking snowflake!” and completely discount everything previously said.

It’s the equivalent of someone putting their hands over their ears while shouting, “I can’t hear you you you you you.” Astounding shit man, I’m constantly amazed at how much society has devolved over the past decade. I kind of want to blame the internet but that was just the gateway drug. People being shitty to each other has no excuse. That’s on them.

I’m checking out Facebook in the morning (which is infrequent if not working on the UNHINGED podcast page) and see someone posting about President Trump’s horrendous speech at the U.N. yesterday, in the vein of it being amazing. I posted a Bing link there so you can search for yourself and come to your own conclusion. Hell, I’m registered.. REGISTERED as Undeclared. If there was ever someone with no agenda other than wondering WTF is going on, it’s me. Can I vote on primaries? Nope, but I’m a-ok with that.

Okay okay enough links and crap, back to Facebook. Reading the post about how great Trump’s speech was I replied with, “I preferred the original German version” to poke some fun and it set off a tirade of garbage posts. To which I replied, “Sorry, didn’t realize you snowflakes can’t take a joke.” to an even bigger uproar.

Then I made lunch, took a shower, and jumped on my laptop to post up here on the site. It’s a total shit storm of idiots now basically “telling it like it is” which really ends up being just a bunch of crazy rants on the internet seen by a dozen people when they’re probably supposed to be working at their jobs.

Moral of the story? Call your Republican friends snowflakes and watch the hilarity of it all unfold.

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