Sep 20, 2018

I like to fix things. Not always because I can, but because I want to win. That incessant need to have victory over technology burns deep within and I just become obsessed with the idea of “I’ll fix it.” For the record, I’m completely untrained.

Sometimes, it’s a total fail. I’m willing to accept that not everything can be fixed but I always want to at least give it a shot.

Yesterday, the washing machine broke. Grandpa came up and announced “The washer is broke. I found a new one at the store. We can go order it tomorrow.” Okay. That seemed extreme since I, the fix it guy, have yet to evaluate the situation. I go down to the laundry room in our house and take a look. Sure enough, the washer drum spins but the water is not coming out of the pipes and into the slop sink and down the drain.

I sleep on it. Pretty much accepting we will pick up a new machine and have it installed hopefully by the weekend. Wife isn’t pleased and a nonstop list of how this will ruin the weekend commences. I may have been partially to blame here in this conversation. Not sure why or how but that’s just the “fuck I gotta drop shit off somewhere now” talking.

Morning arrives. Drop the kid off to school and chat with a friend in the street for a half hour. Make way back to the house and the final battle begins. Man vs. Washing Machine. To the credit of the people at Maytag, and probably why their repairmen are so efficient, the machine comes apart with barely more than 2 screws. I drain the drum with a cup (THAT TOOK FOREVER) and then tip it back up against the wall and check out the belts. All good.

Hold on. What’s all this stuffed animal looking foam everywhere and why does it look like it’s inside of the pump? Remove the hose clamp and water goes everywhere. I had a towel, not my first rodeo. Turn the pump by hand and jam a screwdriver into the outlet of the pump and I fish out a golf ball sized wad of that stuffed animal foam. Could this have done it?

Tip machine back forward, plug it in, VOILA, it works. Button it back up with the 2 screws and push it back into the corner.

Mission accomplished.

Maytag Washer 0
Steve 1

This time victory was mine.

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