Positive Vibes

Oct 19, 2018

The midnight hour seems to be a popular time for me to jump online and have a chat with you about whatever is going on in my universe. It’s been a fun week or so since the last posting. Fun in the sense of “everything bad can and will happen in one big fuck you shot” type of fun.

Positive vibes man, it can’t and won’t slow me down.

Work which I don’t speak much of (because it’s there to pay the bills not entertain anyone) was a shitty last 2 weeks. Not for my actual work, I just talk to people much like I do with the podcast but the people around me. Yikes. A new hire bounced after 10 days of training, wasted time. Existing team drops the ball with no care or concern because THEY never have to answer to the clients. I do. I’m the perpetual ass wiper of the company. The powers that be know and appreciate that, but it doesn’t change the facts.

Positive vibes, that will get you through even the most annoying shout “FUCK YOU!” to the heavens kind of day. At least for me it does. I’m a generally optimistic person.

I’m getting asked from friends and family “Steve when it the podcast coming out already?” and the best answer is SOON. I’ve just been so wiped out during the day lately I have not had that energy needed to perform at the level I expect. I’ve done sample recordings, testing the delivery systems with the podcasting host, and everything most importantly WORKS. Now it’s just about that schedule. Hell, maybe you want to hear the truly UNHINGED version of me without planned comedy and just on a rant. After all, that’s the name isn’t it?

You know what, you deserve that.

Next week I start recording. I’m easy like that. My mind gets made up, sometimes while just sitting here at 11:47pm on a Friday night sipping a hot cup of coffee with Iron Maiden ‘Piece of Mind’ playing in the background is all that it takes. I’ve got outlines and things worked out but the truth is day to day I come across such bizarre shit the material writes itself.

Daredevil Season 3 is on Netflix so I think I’m going to shut this post down, unwind a little with this hot cup, and watch Matt Murdock kick some ass. Goodnight!

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