Patient Zero

Oct 24, 2018

I told everyone I would get my intro recorded and as of this very moment, it’s 100% recorded. I am very happy to have met that goal. No lies I started and stopped it like 10 times before just letting it go and hitting the ground running. Very funny in a way since I’m talking every night for work. When the idea of pressing the record button presents itself while staring at the sound deadening foam wall it changes everything.

More than likely I’ll need to start incorporating guests. I love communicating with people and having that back and forth. Part of the next week or two will be dedicated to figuring out what the proper solution. I’m going to record remotely since half of the guests I would want to feature don’t live near me.

Dad is getting his Angioplasty later today so as you can imagine I’m pretty stressed out. I’m sure it showed in the recording but I don’t care. Nobody is going to judge a body of work on just one podcast and if they do, fuck em. I’m working on the long term plan here. I feel like I told a pretty good story about an idiot who was tailgating me, and some of my views on life in general. Giving you that initial slice on how my mind ticks.

Nothing else today, short and sweet friends. I’m going to get knee deep into my afternoon and evening now. I’m super happy and excited to have that Patient Zero moment of getting the initial podcast in the can. I’ll have it posted in the next day or so, I honestly never worked out the “proper format to save” concept in my mind so I will have to jump on Podbean (our host) and Studio One (editing package) and figure out the workflow.

Here’s to the future, where someone else will be editing and preparing these files for me!

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