Sep 12, 2018

Our human container is what our time on this rock is all about. We are born, raised, find our path in life, embrace it for better and worse, and eventually get old and die. Mortality though, it’s a real son of a bitch. We all think nothing will happen to us but then you get that moment where it just hits home.

I had a conversation tonight with someone who works for the company I am a part of. He needed to relinquish some of his duties or he was not going to be able to continue with us. After some conversation he told me that on Friday of last week his daughter found him on the floor in his home. Turned out to be¬†Ventricular tachycardia and he is now recovering and should be ok. I can’t even imagine how horrible this was for his kid. I truly felt my heart sink while he was telling me the story.

It was the stress from the tasks that had been added to his workload over the past month. He is such a good soul and does so much for everyone he kept shouldering projects, some maybe out of his wheelhouse. The extra energy, the focus, the stress just added up into a horrible mix that left him on the ground. Mortality man, it’s a motherfucker.

Tonight I took those stress points off his plate and helped refocus his job description. No job or work is worth getting sick over. It makes me more mindful that we need to take care of those around us. Check in to the people working with you, especially when you are like me and living in a Virtual environment.

We all have those pain points that make us realize our own mortality. For me it was this conversation tonight. It consequentially gives me drive and focus to do the things I want to beyond work, beyond the day to day. Driving towards a bigger and brighter future.

Live for today and be excited for tomorrow.

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