Hold The Line

Dec 4, 2018

It has been a wild week on many fronts. The kid is knee deep in Hanukkah, holiday dance recital, recent promotion in her Kenpo training, school parties… it never seems to stop. I have unlimited gratitude for all of the wonderful friends she has made since starting school last year. LOTS of lifers in the mix, more than I ever had growing up. Maybe that’s a girl thing, I don’t know. It’s cool though. I’m very happy for her.

My post title is HOLD THE LINE today because it is fitting. Let me tell you why.

We had a situation in town where a parent and their child were involved in a less than ideal situation. It was on the news, people were threatened, and we were left with a weekend of wonder while the school on a district level basically told us nothing. Being the “connected dad” that I am, endless texts and conversations went down.

Beyond the drama of the situation I chose to pull my kid from school on Monday and cited my reason as safety. Something any parent NEVER wants to do. Not that I don’t believe the school is safe, in fact it’s the opposite. I think the principal is 1000x more in-touch with her school than any I ever had growing up and she’s an amazing person. I trust her unquestioned. It’s the district not communicating that gives me pause. They clearly practice the CYA method like doctors. Cover Your Ass.

When tragedy hits what is the one thing you always hear parents say afterwards, while burying their kids? THEY WISH THEY ACTED ON THE SIGNS. I saw signs so I held that line and took action.

Action that was good for my family.

It’s also not my job to disseminate information like a district employee. While the drama unfolded and the people chatter, the amount of apathy I was met with when discussing this topic honestly shocked me. That’s ok though, I still did what was best for me and my family. That will always be my #1 directive.

I’m a pretty liberal guy. Unless we’re talking about my daughter and her safety. Then I’m conservative AF. I’m guessing that’s common amongst dads with daughters.

Add in a phone and in-person meeting with the school yesterday and I’m confident they are now aware of what is going on with full understanding. They’re taking extra measures for the sake of vigilance and the kid is in school while I’m writing this. Back to.. normal?

Whatever normal may be.

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