Happy Holidays

Dec 27, 2018

Wow, it’s almost time for writing 2019 on everything and one year away from 2020 which as a kid born in 1973 just was something none of us thought would ever happen. Between cold wars, ozone depletion, aliens, you name it.. the world tried to make us all think “the end was coming” but you know how it is, we’re all still here.

Happy Holidays! From me and the family to you and yours. I’m wishing you nothing but the best of health and happiness this holiday season and rolling into 2019 and beyond.

Admittedly here I’ve been slacking. Big time. Not without reason but that still doesn’t change the fact. Either way let me clue you in on a few things going on here.

  1. I’ve recently become OBSESSED with 2 ancient tapes. A micro cassette and a full sized one. Both of which I had no way to play or hear. I’ve since bought a pile of devices on eBay and have now pulled the raw footage from both tapes into the digital world. Up next is to splice it up, clean the audio, and share with you. Mostly dumb prank phone calls from the 80s but since I’m part of them all I thought it would be fun to relive the insanity.
  2. Kids had a million end of year activities, including being off from school until the new year. So basically count me out on getting anything done until then (even though I have a recorded episode sitting in Adobe Audition I just need to clean up and post)
  3. Same kid asked daddy for an electric guitar. For Christmas. She’s jewish. Fuck it man, when your 6yo rock and roll loving girl asks for her first axe you have to make it happen. So we did. Lessons start this week, online at first. If she keeps at it for a few weeks I’ll then move her into a local music school that has a killer reputation. Her axe? Take a look. This kids metal AF.

Alyssa Shay Jackson Guitars

Yeah, she went with a Randy Rhodes inspired Jackson Dinky Minion 2/3rds scale. JS1-X model or something like that I believe for those looking for a kids size guitar. Paul at the local guitar shop hooked her up with some attention and she’s on her way. Goals from her own mouth is to “play iron maiden and halloween” well ok then! At least my house keeps on rocking.

So it’s been a busy few weeks, no excuses. I’m getting my shit together to make 2019 the year of getting UNHINGED. I’m going to admit getting my direction and focus set has been a bit of a chore. On one hand I want to just rant into the mic and let the shit land where it may. On the other side I’d like to shoot the shit with people and do some interviews. So yeah. Balance. I’m still figuring out mine.

The old man had stent #2 put in, potentially losing his gall bladder sometime in 2019 once he’s stabilized. He’s had a rough December but is a straight up beast of positivity and inspiring to all.

Overall, life is good. We all get these bumps in the road in our personal lives, work, family, friends, etc. For me, it’s all about how I’m getting past those obstacles and making my world and the world for those around me a better place.

I hope 2019 brings all of you the better place you seek.

Signing off for now, big day tomorrow we’re going to the Science Museum with a bunch of friends and kids and chaos will surely ensue.

Until next time,

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