Sep 11, 2018

Happy New Years to my fellow Jews out there. L’Shanah Tovah! I’m not going to lie, we’re not the most religious family out there. Not even close. We had take-out Chinese food last night to celebrate with family. I consider us Ultra-Reformed where we make Reformed Jews look hardcore. We instill family values through positive energy and direction, not the belief of a higher power. That’s a conversation for another day.

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about energy. Not just plug into your wall and charge up the old iWhatever. But real human energy. That internal force that drives someone forward to accomplish the things they set out to do in life. Harnessing that energy is the key to success in your life. Personal or professional it really does not matter. That internal energy is what gets you through the day.

I’m a coffee addict too which doesn’t help. So everything I do is seemingly tied to energy in one shape or form. I’m making a batch of cold brew right now for the wife, these new machines are great. It only does 24 ounces at a time so I have to run it twice to get the container filled to use for a few days but it’s fast to setup and then it just does its thing. Creating that other unnatural form of early morning energy we use to jumpstart our lives.

That internal drive and focus though man, I’m just always overwhelmed by it. I’ve always considered it a curse because I have historically had a lot of issues harnessing and focusing that energy. Now I have started to figure it all out. I let that energy connect to my passions and give it finite focus. It’s like unlocking a superpower from within. Does it mean the answers I seek in the world will all come before me? Fuck no. But it sure makes me happy to connect to projects I want to do in my life. This being one of them.

I know I’ve been writing more than talking here in this space but it is all part of the process. The podcast is coming, I’m just working out the technical aspects and getting a workflow in place. Hey, that cold brew just finished a cycle, dare I pour a cup?

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