Chaos & Drama

Oct 9, 2018

2 words to sum up the past week and my absence on the site here posting. Chaos & Drama.

I’m not going to get into the details but if you fast forward to the end of this story I end up being one of the class dads for my daughters grade. By necessity more than choice. It is what it is, and I’ll do what I always do when it comes to my daughter and her school. Overdeliver when asked.

It means a lot to me that I’m lucky enough to be around (and that the kid still wants me around, it could change any minute right?!?) and help. The wife and I put in our hats to act as one in a class parent role. We will see how this all pans out down the road, the year has only just begun.

The office/studio is coming out well. I’m going to post up images to @iamlichtman on Instagram later today. I am pretty much READY to start recording now. Ironing out the bugs, getting software installed and tested now on the mac. I’ve got a home recording area and the mobility of using the laptop should I want to take my dog and pony show on the road.

Full disclosure, I’m actually working on the seeds of a second show. It’s a local one for the town I live in. Mobility will be key there. I want to build my interviewing skills so this will give me that chance. Going around to local businesses and interviewing them for a half hour show. I just love to talk, the more opportunities the better! It feeds my soul.

On to the evil at hand, UNHINGED. I’m spending this gloomy AF day writing more content and ideas out and maybe will do a quick audio file test here in the mothership. For now I’m going to split and take some pictures of the setup and post them on IG for you.

Smell ya later,


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