Steve Lichtman is a comedian and performer. He has built and performed with original puppet and mascot creations for the past 13 years. Legend has it the Rotten Puppets have abandoned him and a new journey has begun. UNHINGED with Steve Lichtman is a raw look at life through the jaded eyes of a 40s something wannabe Rockstar Dad living the insanity of a ‘normal’ suburban life. Nothing is ever normal and Steve’s observational comedy takes over.

Steve is married to his lovely wife Kimberly and they have a school aged daughter together. He loves rock music, hanging out in the backyard with nature (which is hard to pull off in New York suburbs without interruption), and the classic comedians of days gone by who have helped shape and inspire his one-of-a-kind skewed views on the world and life. From a young age Steve was inspired by the likes of George Carlin, Rodney Dangerfield, Benny Hill, Andrew Dice Clay, and more.