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The Attic Man

Fair name for me this week. I've been busy getting my office / studio / podcast chamber ready and it's a lot of unexpected work. Add fall arriving here in New York and I'm now doing what any dad of daughters is likely doing. Switching wardrobes. Never...

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That's a thing now isn't it? Every time someone is online and gets pissed off at another person they just shout to the heavens, "You're a fucking snowflake!" and completely discount everything previously said. It's the equivalent of someone putting their...

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I like to fix things. Not always because I can, but because I want to win. That incessant need to have victory over technology burns deep within and I just become obsessed with the idea of "I'll fix it." For the record, I'm completely untrained. Sometimes,...

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UNHINGED with Steve Lichtman

Welcome to my little slice of the internet. UNHINGED with Steve Lichtman is a weekly comedic podcast looking at the lighter side of life, one laugh at a time. I’m an incredibly positive person that’s often mistaken for an infomercial host. I’ve been building puppets and mascots for 13 years as a hobby, blogged for a few years, and am in the process of starting my stand-up comedy career after many years trapped in the corporate world helping companies grow.

Share my experiences with me here on the blog that I’m calling Transmissions, the weekly podcast, and on social media.