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Black Friday is here!

Episode 2 has arrived.I know, it took me FOREVER to get this out. As you will find out between the impending holidays and being sick (lost my voice) putting podcasts together has just been last on the list. Luckily I have now worked out my workflow to a...

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It all begins with an Intro

Episode 1 has finally arrived! My intro. A long time in the making and we're going to start getting on a regular schedule here and crank out the fun times. I've got a ton of topics ready to rock and roll and I'm excited to share a little bit of my madness...

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Take a Breath

Breathe in.....Breathe out.....Some days just fly by and others crawl. Lately a lot of them have been flying by during the day, then crawling at night while I'm at "work" and it's exhausting. Dealing with stupid people on a regular basis will take a toll...

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Winter Wasteland

When did society get so absurdly PC that we're now banning 74 year old songs?"Baby, It's Cold Outside" was originally a husband and wife duet written by Frank Loesser in 1944. It wasn't a Bill Cosby date rape song, and it certainly was not written to...

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Damned If You Do

Hummmmmm Hummmmmm HummmmmmHummmmmm Hummmmmm Hummmmmm Hey folks I know this is not one of my typical posts but as a lifelong metalhead from time to time I am going to share a new album from an old band. Music that takes you back and pushes you forward at...

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UNHINGED with Steve Lichtman

Welcome to my little slice of the internet. UNHINGED with Steve Lichtman is a weekly comedic podcast looking at the lighter side of life, one laugh at a time. I’m an incredibly positive person that’s often mistaken for an infomercial host. I’ve been building puppets and mascots for 13 years as a hobby, blogged for a few years, and am in the process of starting my stand-up comedy career after many years trapped in the corporate world helping companies grow.

Share my experiences with me here on the blog that I’m calling Transmissions, the weekly podcast, and on social media.